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Do you have the right people, processes and tools to drive double digit sales growth?

What’s At Stake?

Many professional service firms cannot get to the next level of growth because their sales are often dependent on one person, typically the CEO. Without hiring additional resources or building selling skills, your firm is at risk of plateauing.

There Is A Better Way…

Double Digit Sales Growth

The skills needed to be a trusted expert in your field are often much different than what is required to be an effective sales person. We bridge the gap by striking the right balance between sales efficiency and effectiveness and take a pragmatic approach to transforming your sales processes, talent and tools to deliver immediate and sustainable sales growth.

Solving Client Challenges

The Reasons Clients Come to Company Expert:

  • We need to determine which markets and segments provide the best opportunity for growth and profitability
  • We need help developing the right sales structure given our organization and existing skill sets
  • We are struggling to determine the best sales model to implement given the skills and competencies of our people
  • We need a channel strategy that can that can leverage our team and reach new customers
  • What sales metrics and governance should we have in place to track and monitor our sales performance?

Some Examples Of Our Client Engagements:

  • Sales efficiency and effectiveness assessment
  • CRM tool selection and implementation
  • Creating a sales playbook
  • Developing a strategy for building and managing a healthy pipeline
  • Developing effective presentations and proposals
  • Channel and partnership strategy development
  • Prioritize prospects through sales segmentation process
  • Assess the sales competencies of your team

Want Growth?
Download your free copy of the 6 Tips That Will Accelerate the Growth of Your Professional Service Firm

This is a must-read publication for professional service organizations that want to get to the next level of growth.

Professional Services Firm’s Results

Expected Client Outcomes:

  • Increase in market share, revenue per deal, customer conversions and new clients
  • Significant increase in partner/salesperson sales productivity
  • Increase bid and win rates by creating compelling sales messaging
  • Provide greater visibility into your sales pipeline and revenue forecast
  • Confident and more effective sales team
  • Lessen the dependency on any person to bring in sales

“Company Expert has made a significant contribution to the growth of my firm. The team has the ability to think analytically and in a structured manner, to create solutions that are creative and effective. Their diverse skills make them greatly valuable to a small firm where different roles have to be performed within a small team. Their development and implementation of our marketing and sales strategy is second to none. On top of all that, the entire team has a great attitude and brings a level of professionalism that is refreshing. I have truly enjoyed getting to know Scott and Sean, both professionally and personally. I would recommend them enthusiastically to anyone.”

Will Rassman

Employee Retirement Trust


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