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Testing your idea

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In the Focused Insights Report “Testing Your Big Idea,” you’ll get everything you need to assess whether your ‘big idea’ for a new project or professional service is worth investing time and money in.

Starting any new venture, small or large, requires an investment of resources that may be spent more profitably elsewhere. In this Focused Insights Report you will learn how to minimize your risk and maximize your reward for your next big idea.

Many people jump right into starting a new project because they have a gut feeling’ it will be successful.

The result might be a big money-earner, could be mediocre, or could end up becoming a money pit that drains valuable resources.

Nothing is a given, but why take more risk than you have to?

Smart professional service firms do the groundwork testing of an idea before they decide to go ahead and start the business, take on more clients, accept that project, etc.

This way, they can make sure that both time and money are well spent on the ventures that have the most likelihood of success.

However, not all professional service businesses take a very structured approach to figuring out whether to pursue an idea. Luckily, you can learn a 4-step process that will show you how to test your big idea before spending too much time or resources on the project.

Here’s what you’ll learn in “Testing Your Big Idea”:

Report  Sections

  • Introduction : Why Test Your Idea?
  • Step 1 : Evaluate the Market Profitability Potential
  • Step 2 : Determine Consumer Demand
  • Step 3 : Assess the Longevity Potential
  • Step 4 : Determine Your Competitive Potential
  • Conclusion : Review and Action Planning