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Marketing Plan for Professional Service Firms



What is the Problem?

You need to develop a marketing plan that will put you on a sustainable growth path.[/icon-content]

What is at Stake?

Firm profitability and resources applied against the wrong marketing initiatives.

Typical Users

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Plan Lead


This playbook contains two different documents:

Proven Methodology:  We walk you through the 10 steps of creating a successful professional services marketing plan.  Each page of the 29-page Marketing Plan Playbook has tips, examples and proven strategies for professional service firms.

Marketing Plan Methodology for a Professional Service Company








Marketing Budget Worksheet:  The marketing worksheet has 8 different tabs covering the major components of a marketing budget.  These spreadsheets can be easily customized for all marketing firms within the professional services industry.


The benefits of this playbook include:

  • A comprehensive plan to grow your professional services firm
  • Confidence you have the right marketing mix and are investing your firm’s resources prudently
  • A roadmap for your future marketing activities
  • A document to help direct and educate your marketing team
  • A marketing budget