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Stock Certificate Standard Digital Embosser


Electronic eseal for stock certificates and LLC membership certificates


Need an inexpensive way to affix a seal to your stock or LLC certificate?

We have designed eseals, a pdf document which allows you to print a seal on any of following certificates available on our site.

Common stock
Class A
Class B
Par Value
Non-Par Value
LLC Membership Certificate

We have two different designs the Star Design and the Line Design.  Each of the designs allow you to customize the middle of the seal and print over any of the 6 certificates mentioned above.

Eseals offer several advantages:

1.  Download and use immediately
2.  Save $30 over a physical seal that has to created and be mailed
3.  Use the seal for multiple companies/LLCs without paying over and over
4.  The seals are easily customized and are already positioned to print directly over the seal section of the certificates.

To get started:

1.  Select the Seal Design of your choice in the add to cart area above
2.  Open up the pdf document you will receive once you purchase the item and customize for your company
3.  Print the seal on one of 6 certificates mentioned above then you are done! It is that easy.