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Sales Marketing Policies And Procedures Manual


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Sales and Marketing Policies and Procedures Manual

Sales and Marketing strategies and plans are critical for any business. Now you can improve your customer focus using this easily editable Sales and Marketing Policies and Procedures Manual, which includes a Microsoft Word template for all of the policies, procedures and forms.

You can download a sample sales and marketing policy and procedure with no obligation. Or if you are ready to purchase, buy now using our secure server and download your sales marketing manual the same day. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and buy the Sales and Marketing Policies, Procedures and Forms manual risk free!


What drives your organization: Sales or Marketing?

If you want to grow your revenues, it’s important to know whether your company is driven by sales or marketing efforts. Sales driven companies grow by adding more sales people, while marketing driven companies grow by adding more marketing programs. How do you know which one — sales or marketing — drives your company?

Policies for Increasing Sales Revenue

Try adding more salespeople (resellers or distributors), assign them a sales quota, and let them loose in a territory and see if your sales grow.

If you start getting more sales, you know your company is driven by sales. If your sales fail to grow, try adding marketing activities. For example:

  • Expand your website;
  • Increase your public relations efforts;
  • Add a company blog or a periodic newsletter;
  • Expand your advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) program on the internet;
  • Add more keyword focused pages to your internet marketing;
  • Experiment with direct mail or email marketing;
  • Attend (more) trade shows or events;
  • Host your own conference for your customers and leads; and/or
  • Add new products or enter new markets.

Sales and Marketing Policies for Control

You can also try increasing your overall sales and marketing effectiveness by introducing policies for more control over your sales and marketing cycle. If you’re unable to grow your sales by either adding sales people or expanding your marketing activities, it’s time for a strategic review. There are only two ways to grow your revenue — sales activities or marketing programs.

When neither of these works, it’s time to change your strategy. Your business strategy is what drives marketing, and marketing is what drives your sales.

Sales and Marketing Policies, Processes, and Strategies

Sales and Marketing strategies and plans are critical for any business. Why leave them to chance? The Sales And Marketing Procedures manual contains procedures for developing strategy, adding sales people, and creating marketing activities. These prewritten and fully editable sales and marketing  strategy templates can help you quickly and effectively take control of your sales and marketing processes to achieve consistent results. Isn’t that the sales and marketing strategy your want?

Align Sales Strategies with Marketing Tactics

Are your sales processes effective? How well do your marketing tactics really work? Do your marketing and sales teams coordinate their efforts to achieve maximum results? Policies and procedures based on proven best practices can help align your sales and marketing processes to mange prospects and customers through the sales pipeline and achieve improved performance.

The Process Approach to Lead Generation and Sales Closing

Using a process approach to manage sales strategies and marketing tactics, you can plan sales and marketing activities and measure results. Through our sales and marketing strategy template, learn which marketing tactics generate the best leads and which strategies are effective for closing sales and achieving continual and tangible improvement. Track and manage important metrics like cost per lead and cost per sale performance.


Improve Your Sales and Marketing Process

Sales and Marketing Policies, Procedures, and Forms are based on thoroughly research best practices, written by experienced technical writers, and reviewed by experts in the field. Plus, it covers all the critical areas of sales and marketing such as:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Product Management
  • Sales
  • Sales Administration

The Sales and Marketing Procedures manual also includes a free Internet Marketing Guide.

Fully Editable Sales and Marketing Policies and Procedures

When you purchase the Sales & Marketing Policies, Procedures and Forms, you get all the content in easily editable Microsoft Word format on CD or via download. You can edit, change, and adapt the procedures to fit your sales strategies or marketing tactics. Plus, each printed manual comes in an attractive and convenient hardcover book for ease-of-use and accessibility.

Delivery Options CD and Hard Cover Book, Download Only


Marketing Planning

  1. Strategy Team
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Vision and Mission
  4. Marketing Research/ Analysis
  5. Situational Analysis
  6. Goals and Objectives
  7. Marketing Strategy
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Social Media Strategy

Marketing Tactics

  1. Advertising
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Public Relations
  4. Trade Shows/Events
  5. Direct Mail
  6. Lead Management


  1. Customer Life Cycle Management
  2. Sales Management
  3. Qualifying Leads
  4. Sales Calls
  5. Customer Improvement

Sales ( Con’t)

  1. Customer Service
  2. Telephone Answering Policy
  3. Complaint Handling
  4. Post-Sale Customer Follow Up
  5. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  6. Service Satisfaction

Sales and Marketing Administration

  1. Document Control
  2. Record Control
  3. Sales Supplies
  4. Sales Compensation
  5. Sales Hiring
  6. Sales Training
  7. Meetings

Product Management

  1. Product Life Cycle Management
  2. Product Development
  3. Product Launch
  4. Product Recalls
  5. Customer Requirements
  6. Warranty and Service Policies
  7. Service Parts Pricing
  8. Customer Returns


Marketing Planning

  1. Project Planning Timeline (Sample)
  2. Project Status Report
  3. Strategy Team Review Checklist
  4. Project Progress Review Checklist
  5. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
  6. Stakeholder Analysis Review Checklist
  7. Stakeholder Analysis Report
  8. Market Segmentation Worksheet
  9. Marketing Database
  10. Market Analysis
  11. SWOT Analysis Worksheet
  12. Competitive Analysis Worksheet
  13. Situational Analysis Report
  14. Goals/Objectives Worksheet
  15. Goals/Objectives Statement
  16. Marketing Strategy Matrix
  17. Strategy Checklist
  18. Marketing Strategy
  19. Marketing Plan
  20. Marketing Budget Template
  21. Social Media Planning Worksheet
  22. Social Media Plan
  23. Social Media Calendar
  24. Social Media Log
  25. Social Media Policy & Acknowledgement

Marketing Tactics

  1. Advertising Review Worksheet
  2. Advertising Objectives-Strategies Worksheet
  3. Advertising Plan
  4. Advertising Schedule (Sample)
  5. Internet Planning Worksheet
  6. Internet Plan
  7. Keyword Log
  8. Public Relations Plan Worksheet
  9. PR Event Checklist
  10. Public Relations Plan
  11. Media Kit Checklist
  12. Press Release Template
  13. PR Events Log
  14. Trade Show / Event Planning Worksheet
  15. Trade Show Event Plan
  16. Trade Show Worksheet
  17. Trade Show Checklist
  18. Trade Show / Event Supply Checklist
  19. Equipment Request from Inventory
  20. Show Registration
  21. Visitor Evaluation
  22. Trade Show / Exhibit Summary
  23. Direct Mail Planning Worksheet
  24. Direct Mail Budget Worksheet
  25. Direct Mail Plan
  26. Lead Management Plan
  27. Leads Database
  28. Lead Management Status Report


  1. Customer Life Cycle Management Plan
  2. Sales Management Plan
  3. Sales Forecast
  4. Weekly Sales Summary
  5. Prospect Management Plan
  6. Prospect Database
  7. Lead Questionnaire
  8. Sales Plan
  9. Customer Database
  10. Order Database
  11. Customer Contact Worksheet
  12. Sales Account Maintenance Plan
  13. Customer Improvement Plan
  14. Customer Improvement Goals Worksheet
  15. Customer Complaint-Feedback Strategy
  16. Phone Message
  17. Customer Service Contact
  18. Customer Service Log
  19. Post-Sale Satisfaction Report
  20. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  21. Customer Service Satisfaction Report

Sales and Marketing Administration

  1. Qualification Checklist
  2. Interview Guidelines
  3. Competency Matrix
  4. Individual Training Record
  5. Training Plan
  6. Meeting Agenda

Product Management

  1. Product Life Cycle Management Plan
  2. Request for Engineering Action
  3. Requirements Definition
  4. Product Brief
  5. Design Review Checklist
  6. Design Completion Checklist – Electromechanical Devices
  7. Design Completion Checklist – Non-Electromechanical Devices
  8. Product Test
  9. Product Launch Plan
  10. Product Recall Request (Internal)
  11. Food Product Recall Checklist
  12. Non-Food Product Recall Checklist
  13. Product Return Form
  14. Customer Requirements Checklist
  15. Limited Warranty Form (Sample)
  16. Returned Goods Authorization
  17. Customer Returns Database
Job Descriptions: There are 22 positions referenced in the Sales & Marketing Polices and Procedure Manual. Each position includes a summary description, essential duties and responsibilities, organizational relationships, referenced procedures, qualifications, physical demands, and work environment.

  • Accounting Manager
  • Board Member
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Director of Quality
  • Engineering Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Procurement Manager
  • Product Development Assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Service Manager
  • Trade Show Coordinator