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What’s At Stake?

Many professional services firms find themselves in a situation where they need to take on large, strategic projects. These projects are complex and require time, skills and experience that they either don’t have, or can’t spare. Many times, this results in the project being delayed or postponed and puts the project’s objectives and benefits at risk.

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Implementing strategic, complex projects such as business transformation or developing strategic partnerships, can be extremely challenging for professional services firms. Enlisting our support and expertise to help in the planning, execution and management of a large scale project can dramatically decrease your execution risk and ensure that your project goals are achieved.

Supporting Large Scale and Strategic Projects

Partnerships  Partnerships

The key to a successful partnership is identifying firms that will drive the right type of growth and are a good strategic fit for your firm

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Identifying and sizing the right strategic partners
  • Assisting in the development of a partnership agreement
  • Creating a strategy to optimize your relationship and growth with your partner
  • Developing strategies to avoid cannibalizing your core market
  • Leading partnership negotiations

Transformation  Transformation

Understanding and sizing a market that does not exist yet requires vision, research, fortitude and the ability to make decisions without having all of the facts

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Developing a pilot to limit scope and risk of entry
  • Identifying and sizing the opportunity for break-through services
  • Assessing the capabilities required to support the services
  • Understanding the impact to the current business model and staff

Mergers & Acquisitions  Mergers & Acquisitions

M & A is an important strategic option for professional services companies and can help them to enter new markets, further expand existing markets, or to gain synergies and reduce costs

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Developing an acquisition strategy
  • Preparing a professional service business for sale
  • Identifying and evaluating targeted properties
  • Assisting in due diligence
  • Negotiating with prospective buyers or sellers
  • Assessing the impact to the business model

Service Development  Service Development

For professional services companies, implementing the right service strategy will increase sales, further entangle customers to your brand and improve client retention rates

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Creating an optimum strategy for service penetration with existing clients
  • Developing a lifetime economic value of a client
  • Assisting with the development of talking points for key interactions
  • Identifying personas and market segments to target
  • Creating a sales playbook for cross selling clients
  • Develop a relationship pricing strategy that encourages repeat business

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