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Strategic Planning

Developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage is challenging in this economic environment. New entrants, technology, and ideas constantly threaten traditional business models.

A professional service firm needs to get the most out of every expenditure and business opportunity. Whether you are starting a new business, restructuring an existing business or are looking for investors, your business will not thrive in this competitive environment without a well-written business strategy. It is not enough to know about the business you want to start or expand, you will have to write the documents that you will need to persuade people to support your efforts. The support can come from employees, investors or both. We can provide you with a business plan that provides an up-to-date accounting of your firm and thoughtfully reflects your vision for the future.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Building a business plan with a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Facilitating board/strategy meetings
  • Becoming an interim senior executive
  • Assessing the overall health of the business
  • Evaluating your business model
  • Conducting a competitive analysis
  • Defining a Core Purpose
  • Creating Strategic Goals
  • Developing Clear Objectives

Service offering

We have experience and success across multiple professional service sectors.  We have helped firms define their service offering – what they will and equally as important, what they will not offer to their clients in the market.  Many professional service firms do not take the time to document their offer and end up over promising and under delivering on client commitments.  The mismatch of your offer and what is delivered  impacts your professional reputation in the marketplace and your ability to earn repeat business.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Creating an offer catalog of a list of exception, standard, and preferred services
  • Offering insight into what other firms are doing in your particular sector
  • Developing a service offering strategy that reinforces your value proposition
  • Benchmarking your services against best practices
  • Aligning your capabilities against your value proposition


Marketing professional services are difficult because services are intangible. Unlike a product, services cannot be placed on the shelf of your store, your clients cannot examine it, nor can they compare it feature for feature against your competitors. While you may provide a solid service, in this intensely competitive environment, it is not enough. You need to cut through the clutter and deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Building a website and an online presence
  • Developing an offline and online marketing plan
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Developing surveys to capture voice of the customer
  • Assessing and creating a Google Adwords campaign
  • Developing client personas to target
  • Market sizing for certain services you may want offer
  • Search engine optimization specifically for professional service companies
  • Developing a value proposition for your business

demand generation

Offline, image and visual impact are necessary to grab attention. You must win attention before you have the opportunity to say anything. In contrast, most websites get traffic from people in search of information.  While demand generation is an element of marketing, given the importance of it to professional service companies we wanted to highlight some of the benefits.

For professional service firms, having plenty of well-written, informative, relevant content is a prerequisite to extraordinary success. Having great content will benefit your firm in several ways:

  • Your professional services site stickiness will increase, which means visitors will stay on your site longer and return more often.
  • By writing informative articles, you will be seen as an expert in your field of practice. This will increase your credibility, build your rapport and raise the likelihood the visitor will become a client.
  • Having a site that is informative and offers valuable advice to visitors to your site will rank higher in the search engines. Quality websites will want to link to your website; you will be added to the best directories, each additional page of content will be indexed by the search engines, increasing your keyword coverage.
  • A key strategy for many professional service firms is to offer a free report, newsletter or other information to site visitors in return for contact information, to begin to build relationships with potential clients.

Creating demand for your services is all about having credibility and having the right content can help you earn the reputation that puts you ahead of the competition. However, researching the topic, making sure the right keywords are strategically placed in the articles takes time and experience.

We have the privilege of working with some of the best writers in the country, and we combine our knowledge of the professional service industry with their professional skills to produce content that connects the right audience with the right message.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Developing a demand generation strategy
  • Creating a research survey and report
  • Optimizing your referral strategy
  • Creating a strategic partnership strategy
  • Writing an ebook on a specific topic
  • Using our writers to blog on a site or to develop a newsletter
  • Re-writing existing web content or brochures
  • Managing postings and online newsletters

sales enablement

To be effective, you have to make business presentations to all levels of your client’s organization and at different stages of the selling and relationship management cycle. You also have to use your time effectively. Professional service companies often struggle with striking the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness of their sales force.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the team
  • Selecting and implementing a CRM tools
  • Creating a sales playbook
  • Evaluating the relationship management model
  • Developing a strategy for building and managing a healthy pipeline
  • Developing effective presentations and proposals

client engagement

Every interaction you have with your clients is an opportunity to establish, strengthen and maintain your brand image. Each “moment of truth” should be assessed to ensure that it is a high-value interaction if not, it should be eliminated or automated.  By focusing on what clients’ value and by engineering the experience so it translates and puts your value proposition into the day to day service activities, you will have a more engaged and profitable book of business.

A Few of Our Services Include:

  • Developing a client engagement strategy that reinforces your value proposition
  • Creating journey maps for your most important customers
  • Providing insight into what clients value
  • Assessing current activities to identify opportunities deliver more value for your clients

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