What’s At Stake?

Many small to mid-sized professional service companies have some form of a business plan. The challenge is many do not refresh their plans or the plans were developed by a consultant who does not understand their business. The plan quickly becomes obsolete, and firms risk missing growth opportunities or new threats to their business.

There Is A Better Way…

Sustainable Growth Through Thoughtful Planning

A professional service firm must be able to align resources to maximize investment dollars and human capital. We help you create a robust, fact-based business plan which enables you to make more informed decisions and create a clear road map to sustainable growth.

Solving Client Challenges

Solving Client Challenges

The Reasons Clients Come to Company Expert:

  • We need to identify our best opportunities for growth and profitability
  • How do we translate our competitive advantage into a true value proposition that will differentiate us from the competition
  • We need to avoid constant shifts in business priorities and resources by being selective in deciding which markets to pursue
  • How do we make the trade-offs necessary to maximize our investment dollars and human capital
  • Help us establish a clear and transparent business plan and roadmap for our customers and employees

Some Examples Of Our Client Engagements:

  • Business Plan Development with Associated Financial Models
  • Investor Ready Presentation
  • Current State Business Assessment
  • Market Sizing and Growth Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Surveys, Research, and Analysis
  • Selling or Buying a Business

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Professional Services Firm’s Results

Expected Client Outcomes:

  • A plan for increased profits and growth
  • Identification and quantification of your best opportunities for growth
  • Higher revenue growth and profitability by demonstrating true differentiation of your business from competitors
  • More effective allocation of capital and human resources by establishing clear business priorities
  • Establish a clear and transparent business plan and roadmap for your customers and employees
  • Attract and retain great talent

“I have been in business for more than 10 years, I’ve had my highs and I’ve had my lows, always trying to stay on top of ROI, Value Proposition, Growth, Optimization, you name it. On top of my already full workload, it can be easy to get behind. Throughout the years I have worked with numerous consultants on multiple issues. Whatever the issue was, I never quite got my solution. Until I met Company Expert. Even before our session, they emailed me a detailed PowerPoint that laid out some key objectives that were top in my options.

Company Expert states that they don’t have clients, they have relationships. I can clearly see that now. I’m getting more than just consulting, it’s like I have my very own partner, a guide for my long-term goals. I have always been very business savvy and love to learn about growth. Company Expert showed me techniques I would have otherwise never known about!”

Jim O. West

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