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Do you have confidence that the consultants you have used in the past understand your business?
Do you feel that the consultants are more concerned about getting their next engagement with
you than they are about giving you advice that may lead you to other providers or a less expensive solution?

What is at stake?

We hear it all the time from our professional service clients who have used other consultants…

They had some great theories, but they did not understand our firm or
our culture so we never completely implemented their recommendations.

They were always pushing to expand the scope of the project, whether or
not it made sense for our firm.

Some of the firms we have hired assign junior consultants who have plenty of school
but no practical work experience.


There is a better way…

Company Expert had a different vision for a consulting firm. First, we did not try to be all things to all people. We deliberately focused on professional service firms because that is where we thought we could add the most value. Second, we wanted to offer our clients solutions at all stages of their growth. Some of those solutions are free like our professional service company forum – the largest in the world and our newsletter. Others require a modest fee including our membership program. Finally, we offer traditional consulting services for those professional service firms that want actionable and practical advice to grow their firm.

With our flexible model, experience, and focus we believe that we can better serve our clients than a traditional consulting firm.

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